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Holiday Light Installation

[ultimate_heading main_heading=”Contact Us For A Design Consult” main_heading_color=”#1e73be”]Make YOUR house or business stand out this holiday season![/ultimate_heading]

    Advance Pressure Washing will take care of your Holiday Lights this season! The entire process of holiday lights on your property including the supply of commercial grade lights, design, installation, maintenance and tear down at the end of the season is all taken care of by APW. Our lights are brighter, more durable and have longer life than any string lights you can buy at retail and we custom fit them to your building. You don’t have to go dig anything out of storage, buy any lights, climb on a ladder and you don’t have to repeat all of that in reverse come January either!

    Most of the year at Advance Pressure Washing we keep busy commercial and residential properties clean and bright, washing buildings and roofs, driveways, walkways and windows. In the winter, we still climb ladders and keep your building shining bright but as you can imagine not a lot of pressure washing happens during the winter. Which is why we offer professional Christmas Lights installation!

    We supply our commercial grade LED Christmas lights with many customisable features. We do not charge you for buying the lights, rather they are rented to you for the season. This removes any problems for you in relation to bulbs breaking, not working properly or needing maintenance. APW owns the lights and they remain our responsibility to keep bright.

    Advance Pressure Washing has decades of experience on ladders and roofs and we are fully licensed and insured. We have the tools and experience to safely install decorations and holiday lights quickly and efficiently. We are flexible in scheduling and necessary precautions will be taken to ensure the safety of your home.

    The idea is to take 100% of the hassle away from you for your holiday lighting. If any lights go out or any problems arise just give us a call and we will remedy it and we will keep your lights shining bright all season long.

    At the end of the season we will be back to take down your display with the same attention to detail and care as your installation. We will store them and return the following season after they have been checked and are ready for another season. No more need to wrestle with old tangled lights or take up valuable dry storage space for the rest of the year.

    [ultimate_heading main_heading=”Holiday Light Installation FAQ” main_heading_color=”#1e73be”][/ultimate_heading]

    For many reasons we only hang our high quality commercial quality lights.

    Yes, we supply the holiday lights by renting them to the customer for the season and then remove and store them at the end of the season. 

    We can hang holiday lights on any property or building. Just give us a call to discuss your holiday light desires!

    Yes, we will return to your home on a scheduled day to remove and store the lights.

    Yes, we can install your outdoor decorations at an additional cost.

    Yes, we can install lights anywhere outside on your property or on the exterior of your home. Outside trees, houses, gardens, fences, driveways, walkways, mailboxes… you name it. Talk to us about your holiday light vision!

    We are flexible in scheduling.

    There are many variables in designing, planning and installing a light display. A manager will do an on site visit and provide you with an estimate via email.

    We are offering a full package, high value deal including supply, design, installation, removal and storage. At this time we are offering our package deal only.

    -Each run can be cut to size to perfectly match your building

    -Uses 92% less energy than incandescents, gives off almost no heat allowing for longer runs

    -Save in both energy, maintenance, and replacement costs

    -LEDs last up to 15 times longer than incandescent lights

    -High quality, durable lens resists breakage and fading

    -Cord used is not twisted, enabling bulbs to be pointed in consistent directions with the help of clips. This gives a much cleaner, professional look. Perfect for roof lines.

    -UV stabilisers in lens cap.

    -Copper base with nickel coating for improved resistance to corrosion.

    -Bases are secured to the bulb with proprietary rubber o-rings, combined with epoxy glue to seal out moisture.